Do you have unwanted land?

Tired of wasting money on yearly taxes?

Are you unsure about how or where to sell your land?

Are you looking for a hassle free solution to selling land?

If you would like to sell your unwanted Land, Lot or Parcel we can offer you a fast, hassle free sale at a fair price and get you CASH! At Landpreneur we save you the time it takes to market and sell your property by making purchasing decisions “sight unseen” and getting you an offer within 48 hours! We also handle all of the documentation preparation and county filing for transfer of ownership. Working with Landpreneur gets you the quick sale you need while saving you money on title companies, county fees and marketing.

We are not Realtors and have no interest in listing your property… WE WANT TO BUY IT!!

At Landpreneur, we are established Real Estate Professionals that specialize in buying all types of unwanted land for short and long term investment purposes. It is our goal to make each purchase a “win – win” situation that is mutually beneficial to each party. Therefore, if you would like to get CASH in your hand in exchange for your unwanted land please give us a call at (682) 207 – 1707